An infinite amount of interactions happen every day in our world - conversations had, thoughts shared, decisions made.

For most of us, these millions of choices we make every day have a minimal impact on the world around us. But, every now and then, one localized chance event sparks something special – shaking up the system and creating ripples across many experiences.

Permission Click was formed as the result of one such event. Let’s skip back in time to the inaugural TEDx Winnipeg event back in 2011. In the audience sits an excited attendee, Michael Legary, who is particularly inspired by speaker Kerry Stevenson – then presenting on the newest in revolutionary technology at the time: 3D printing. This connection sparked the development of the AssentWorks makerspace, where entrepreneurs and companies can rapidly prototype product ideas.

Around the same time, two other key events occurred. Chris Johnson launched Ramp Up Manitoba: a not-for-profit volunteer-led community supporting new business development and scalability in Manitoba. And Sonjia Macaulay, a local educator frustrated with the paper-and-backpack struggle she faced daily, had a digital idea to solve this age-old dilemma.

Winnipeg is an amazingly supportive and community-driven city. It didn’t take long for Michael Legary and Kerry Stevenson -co-founders of AssentWorks, and Chris Johnson to cross paths. Recognizing their similar goals and aspirations, the two entities joined forces to create “Startup Winnipeg” – an entrepreneurship ecosystem located in Winnipeg’s Innovation Alley (so named by the City of Winnipeg for the efforts of Startup Winnipeg in the area). It was at one of Startup Winnipeg’s ‘Ramp Up Weekend’ events that Scott Macaulay shared the idea of digital permission slips, where several community members decided to partner up to bring the idea to life.

Since then, Permission Click has grown to employ over 10 staff members in Winnipeg, activate 30 sales agents, and boasts a quickly growing repertoire of over 3600 accounts – local, national, and abroad. And, in a way, things have come full circle: if you’ve applied to attend the upcoming 2016 TEDx Winnipeg event, you may have noticed some familiarities in their application form. TEDx Winnipeg has partnered with Permission Click to enhance, simplify, and streamline their guest application experience – imagine that!

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