Discover why thousands of
schools in districts of every size
are using Permission Click for
student and staff COVID screening

Ensure your district is compliant with local Government and regulatory bodies’ requirements for COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines in K12 institutions.

If you are like most K-12 Education leaders, you are overwhelmed with all the new protocols and policies you need to implement, and ensure your school or district is following them.

We help remove the stress and overwhelm of collecting paper-based forms for your daily health checks and any other COVID-related policies and protocols.

Your forms digitized & deployed in as little as 24-hours.

From Paper to Permission Click COVID form collection

Here's how it works.


Create a digital form in our drag-and-drop form builder:

A Permission Click Specialist will work with you to build your forms to get you ready in no time.

You’ll have access to a test account to ensure the form works exactly as required and try all the capabilities Permission Click has to offer.


Add approval pathways if required and create a tamper-proof process

Route form submissions internally automatically including dynamic routing based on how questions on the forms are answered.

Help ensure your staff are following COVID guidelines required by your province, state or federal government.

Easily streamline and automate simple and complex processes.


Share your digital form with staff or parents in a variety of ways

Copy/paste from your existing contact lists.

Share a public link to your form via social media, link on your website, or via email.

Integrate with your SIS to use district rosters.

Prepopulate information from respondents in your forms.


Collect responses anywhere

Respondents can access and complete forms on almost any device, in seconds, in over 100 languages.

Analyze the information collected with real-time reporting

Complete audit trails of approvals and responses.

Wide-range of reports on screen and exportable to PDF, XLS, CSV.

Powerful search and custom report building.

Your forms digitized & deployed in as little as 24-hours

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Why Digital forms vs paper forms

  • Digital forms are easier to update and manage. You can deploy a template of a form across your school or district with the click of a button 
  • Filling out forms is easier and faster. 
  • Automated and manual reminders so staff no longer have to chase people for responses
  • Your information is far more secure and readily available
  • Dramatically reduce human error compared to paper processing and manual entry
  • Reduced administrative time. No more filling, processing and storing paper. 
  • Lower your risk and liability footprint with comprehensive audit trails
  • Save resources and contribute to the sustainability of the planet by diminishing paper footprint.

Here are some of the reasons why over 12,000 schools trust Permission Click

  • Built from the ground up for K-12
  • Cutting edge technology with leading security standards, including AES – 256-bit encryption.
  • IT-free deployment at any time of the year
  • 100 + Languages
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Accelerated digital transformation
  • Audit trail and record retention

Districts trust us as a key part of their COVID protocols

Here are some examples of how we help you better manage COVID-19 Guidelines in your school or district.

  • COVID Screening forms
  • Parent consent for passive screening
  • Daily health check form for school visitors
  • Daily assessment of children for symptoms by parents/caregivers form
  • Staff self-assessment form
  • Virtual class attendance
  • Identify intent to transition students to online learning
  • Register students and indicate online/in-person preference 
  • Employee Handbook
  • Flu Vaccine Consent
  • Start of Year forms
  • Have parents and caregivers complete a standardized daily health check form
  • Ensure school staff and other adults assess themselves daily for symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory diseases
  • Verify that all visitors confirm they have completed the requirements of a daily health check before entering

Your forms digitized & deployed in as little as 24-hours

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Beyond COVID

Districts and schools in over 58 countries use Permission Click to streamline and manage their processes, workflows in one easy-to-use drag-and-drop platform.

They accelerate operational efficiency and digital transformation goals made all the more important with distributed staff and virtual students. 

The Permission Click investment can be more than offset with the removal of paper-based forms in your district.  

In addition to that, parents enjoy the ease of use, and how much faster it is to complete forms and give permission on behalf of their children.

Here are just some of the most common use cases districts and schools of all size use Permission Click for:

  • Permission Forms
  • Permission Slips for Field Trips
  • COVID-19 Screening
  • Medical Information
  • Staff Leave
  • 1:1 Acceptable Use
  • Insurance Sign-Up
  • Facility Rentals
  • Employee Onboarding

  • Expense Claims
  • P.D Requests
  • Bus Transportation
  • Media Consent
  • Course Registration
  • Mentor Evaluations
  • Purchase Requests
  • Record Management
  • Injury Reports

Let us show you how Permission Click can help your school or district streamline COVID-19 related policies and protocols

Book a call with us now and get 15 customizable form templates for COVID specific use cases.

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