Permission Click FAQs

How to reset your password

From the Log In page, click on the Forgot Password link.

Enter the email address associated to your account, and click Send Recover Pin.

Follow the prompts to reset your password.

What is the difference between Paid, Free and Open Value Tickets?

A paid ticket allows you to set the amount that you wish to collect on your form. An open value ticket allows the respondent to set the dollar amount that they want to pay (perfect for donations!), and a free ticket costs nothing, and is best used for inventory control.

For more information on tickets, please Click here

How do I name my form?

You can give your form a name by filling in the section that says “Form Name” at the top of the form building wizard. Don’t worry, you can change it right up until you publish or submit for approval.

Where is Permission Click’s information hosted?

Microsoft Azure hosts Permission Click’s production environment. You review all of Microsoft Azure’s compliance information here.

Can I edit a form that has already collected responses?

Yes you can! Click on the edit button in the top right corner of your form manage screen to make updates to a live form. This will create a new version of that form, but the respondent link will stay the same. To preserve the legality of the responses already collected, your Form Details Report will specify what version of the form a particular response was collected on.

For more information about how to edit your form after collecting responses, please Click here