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With School Edition, create easy-to-use forms or upload and convert existing forms for parents to complete digitally. Parents instantly receive a link to your custom form where they can complete the form, add payment, and electronically sign. Student data is saved and stored securely for in-depth detailed reports.

Improve efficiencies in your school while easily maintaining control over approval processes and records management. All in one conveniently centralized location.

Take Your Forms Digital Today!

Going digital with Permission Click not only ensures district-wide policy compliance thanks to our district templates and quick search, but gives you the power to create your own forms with our easy to use drag and drop interface. Recurring form? No problem! Create a copy from a previously created form and save time recreating it from scratch.

An Auditable Trail

Approvals become a breeze with Permission Click. By adding administration, activity specialist or external approvers, your forms have an auditable trail of approval steps that ensure your forms have been seen by the right eyes before going to parents.

Click and Complete in Seconds

Parents can review and grant permission on forms in seconds from any device with no account required. It’s that easy! Once completed, parents receive a PDF via email that provides them with a copy of the information they provided for their records. Additionally, Permission Click is available in over 100 languages!

Real-Time Reporting

The days of sorting through dozens of returned paper forms are long gone! Our Form Dashboard gives you per student data for every form you create, including if a response has been received or not. And with the power of our Rostering feature, you can see if parents have opened the form and remind the ones that haven’t had time yet.

Recover Your Time

Traditionally, permission slips are sent home in a backpack hoping to see the light of day again. With Permission Click, staff no longer have to spend valuable time chasing people for approvals or responses. We commonly see over 50% of responses back in less than an hour!

Learn how your forms and processes can work with Permission Click.

Learn how your forms and processes can work with Permission Click.

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